Top 5 Xmas and winter holiday plans – Something for everyone

Traveling in winter is an incredible experience if you know where go to. We propose five very different plans to enjoy the winter holiday and recharge energies for the new year. Among them, there are typical winter holiday choices such as the best Christmas markets in the world, the best ski resorts for the most adventurous and the best lighting and pyrotechnics plans in the world. For those basically looking for relaxing holidays we propose some of the best hot springs in the world and the warmest beaches to enjoy a bit of summer in December.

Best Christmas markets

The smell of ginger, cinnamon and chocolate are just some of the reasons for most of us to love Christmas Markets. The lights, the charm of the craft stalls and the shows that are grouped together make it a very affordable Christmas plan for everyone. Every year cities all over the world spread the magic with their markets and here are the best ones.

Among the famous Christmas markets in the world we can find the ones in Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg and the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London. Usually there are a few in each city and in some of them sell a ticket to get in and enjoy the indoor activities. Based in the German ones, in the United States we can find some recognized as the Texas Christkindl Market in Texas or the Cincidutsch Christkindlmarkt in Ohio. All of them usually close before Christmas Eve so hurry up!

Asia also celebrates this tradition and one of the most famous Christmas market is Singapore’s Christmas Wonderland, which has craft booths, typical food of the country and a large number of attractions such as carnivals, children’s contests and concerts.

Amazing ski and snowboard resorts

For some of us December means the beginning of the ski season and every time we see snow we can imagine the snowy peaks of spongy powder snow. In Europe the largest ski resort is located in France and is a set of three valleys, val Thorens, Les Menuires and val Méribel, that offers a total of 600 km of ski slopes. Another well recognised choice is the famous Zermatt ski station in Switzerland, where we can enjoy a unique panorama of landscape and 160 km of slopes of all levels.

In the United States the most famous tracks are those of Aspen in Colorado, with 103 kilometers of slopes with a medium to high difficulty, they are the perfect showcase for experts and wealthy well trained.

In Asia we can enjoy a winter holiday in the the Yongpyong resort in Korea, which is set to host the giant slalom and slalom events at the next year’s Winter Olympics. In Africa we have a mix of leisure with tiny ski resorts such as the Oukaïmeden in Morocco, that counts with 10 km of slopes, however those are really empty and will save us money and queues.

Stunning light shows before Christmas

Before Christmas the shows of lights, magic and circuses are part of the Christmas holidays and in some places of the world is really quite an experience. In Asia the most prominent one is Shiodome, it is located in Tokyo, Japan, and consists of a show that uses more than 220 thousand LED lights arranged in a natural landscape, created to make us dream.

If you’ve seen Christmas movies, you probably already know the Dyker Heights show in Brooklyn, New York. It consists in several streets that make up lights, poppies, nordic animals and all kinds of Christmas figures. In Europe we can enjoy the lights of Nice, which delivers every year a spectacular complex of light figures in Village de Noël at Place Masséna.

Best beach and sun holidays in winter

Winter can also be a time of relaxation for those who don´t feel the flow of Christmas, shopping and crowds and prefer to enjoy better climates and some peace. For this, beach destinations are the best option to recharge the batteries and start the new year with energy. Among the most requested for these dates is Cancun in Mexico, a natural area with kilometric beaches of crystal clear water, smaller agglomerations than in summer and all-inclusive vacation packages.

In Africa those who wish to escape completely from Christmas can relax on the beaches of Morocco, an interesting place full of Arabic history, bazaars and markets and especially a turning point for the holidays.

In Thailand the beach of  Khao Lak offers a natural spectacle of green mountains, a pale refreshing sun and beaches of turquoise water, well away from the most tourist destinations but with all the necessary amenities for foreign tourists. Australia, on the other hand, lives its splendid summer time in December and it could not be a better destination to escape from winter completely. It is possible to snorkel in the great barrier reef or to rent a camel in Broome, among other interesting choices.

Finally, in Europe the Canary Islands that belong to Spain are a unique option to enjoy a warm temperature, long sandy beaches and volcanic stone and an everyday tranquility of village life. Any of them will make us relax like never before.

Best hot springs for the winter holidays

Listening to the bubbling waters of a spa before getting a massage of essential oils under the shadow of a dim light is for many travelers a perfect way to spend a good holiday.

Some of the most famous hot springs in Europe are the Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest, which has 18 swimming pools and The Blue Lagoon geothermal in Iceland, which is placed in a natural landscape. In Asia one of our favourite is places in Clark, Philippines, located at the base of an inactive volcano. The water is rich in volcanic minerals and the views are simply stunning.

In the United States one of the icons of thermal waters is the Goldstrike resort, which has the natural charm of being a small town of wooden houses, large natural pools and a lot of relaxation. In South Africa there are hundreds of hot springs scattered throughout the country and most of them are small in size, such as the famous one of Riemvasmaak.

All these winter holiday plans are comfortable for any traveler. What would be your favourite one for this holidays? Tell us or send us an image of your vacation to our instagram.


5 Apps that will give you peace of mind on this year’s Thanksgiving

Arriving late for Thanksgiving dinner can cause a significant negative start to an expected and tense day in equal parts, but the truth is that it happens very frequently. Bringing together the dispersed family throughout the country translates into almost 50 millions trips in just two days. Traffic jams, flight delays and cancellations are very common and taking them into account can help us prepare this party better.

Let your family know when you are arriving

To avoid the stress of trying to control something that is out of control, it is best to take the most of technology and share the location with the family on a private map temporarily, so they can see our path, if we are late and if we are fine during or journey.

Sharing the location in real time temporarily makes it possible to forget the noisy calls or endless conversations with the family asking what’s taking so long. It will also save you from taking risks driving and picking up the phone and having a fine.

Some apps already have this feature, and among them Wave Let’s Meet App stands out as a free app to share the live location privately between two or more people. Everyone could spot each other on the map and be ready for their arrival. Wave also counts with a complete chat with audios. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

Driving? Know when to stop

On the road, you will feel helpful to know when you have the nearest petrol station or restaurant to visit, since like you there are many others that will leave empty fuel stocks throughout the country. It never hurts to know where to stop in case of emergency. Among all the apps to choose your stop over our route, Roadtrippers informs you about the nearer stops along the way, good to visit, to relax or to sleep. It is available for free for iOS and Android.

Recipes for Thanksgiving

Suppose you don’t cook the turkey but your family has asked you to bring a plate of food and, apart from knowing how to boil some spaghetti or unfreeze a meatloaf, you have no idea where to start. First of all we advise against trying some haute cuisine because if it is your first time it will not go out as you wish. To see simple recipes and still impress your family, look at the Big Oven application, where you will see easy recipes with the list of ingredients separately to facilitate your way to the supermarket.

Plan the menu for Thanksgiving

You may be afraid that your little brother, who also does not stand out for his culinary skills, has chosen the same dish as you. Well, don´t be. Before thinking again about cooking extravagant dishes, open the Pepperplate application and share with others the recipe you are going to make. They can also share their plates and thus avoid repeating the cranberry sauce that only your grandmother will enjoy. Pepperplate application has a complete menu to plan the cooking times of all your dishes, make private and shared lists, lists of ingredients and tasks to excel in your planning and make it easier.

Share old memories

To smooth any thorny conversation you can always show a bunch of old pictures using the app Pic Collage application, a free app for iOS. It makes photo presentations, enlarge them, share and even project them on the TV screen. It also has the possibility to edit the pictures, ad stickers and fonts to explode your creativity. Everyone likes to remember with nostalgia some key moments and go back in time.

It is time to disconnect from the daily routine, work and worries and return to the family home to celebrate with the most loved ones a few days of tranquility, to catch up with the latest neighborhood gossip and above all, to savor a delicious homemade food. Enjoy it!

Travel solo woman tips

Travel alone: How to prepare a solo trip with the best apps and information

Traveling and getting to know new cultures is always inspiring, but if you also merge with the local tastes, the gastronomy and the public affairs, you will have acquired as souvenir a huge cultural and personal growth. There are several ways to travel as an expert and one of the most popular lately is to travel alone.

One of the reasons to travel solo is because it is considered a great experience of personal growth. It is also popular for those who have simply reached a point in their life of some economic calm, curiosity to travel and free time that they don´t share with their friends or partner.

The reasons are varied, but the experience is unique for each of the travellers. Traveling alone is a much more conscious act of moving, analysing other cultures and being aware of what happens around us, so we should be prepared for it.

You will have moments of loneliness, extravagant conversations and awkward moments with people, even times of frustration in which you won´t find the restaurant or the accommodation you wished. However, experts say that the advantages far outweigh the vicissitudes, such as the freedom to go wherever you want when you want, the need to leave your comfort zone and talk to local people, to understand their customs and the opportunity to mature and become strong and independent.

If you are going to start the adventure and travel solo the age or sex don’t really matter, as long as you consider some tips to make your trip easier. The technology in that case is your great ally, so take note of the following applications that you will need to carry on your smartphone.

Plan the solo trip beforehand

There are those who say that planning a trip is already part of the adventure and it might be true, because the organisation of holidays is a stage of discovery, illusion and many emotions. One of the apps that make it easier is Tripit, a complete directory in which to write all the destinations in the calendar along with the itineraries of flights and transportation, notes, tickets, budget and expenses to have in the end a great travel guide with all the details. The best part is that it works across all platforms.

Creators of Tripit say that in fact it’s like taking with you an assistant, because you can also see how to get to your hostel, send the information via social networks or see on the map what’s interesting near you. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

Locate yourself and your travel mates

Traveling alone is actually a very social experience, travellers are constantly getting to know people, whether they are from a hostel, people met on social networks and forums or just in the queue of some cultural attraction. In addition to friends, travellers will have interaction with receptionists, couchsurfing members, tour guides, travel agents and son on, therefore if you are in a new city it can be difficult to reach the agreed meeting point, recognise the person with whom you are meeting or find her/him in a crowded place.

To avoid these unpleasant situations, download Wave Application, a free app in which two or more people share their location in real time on a private map, so that they can follow each others’ steps and chat with them. It has millions of users worldwide and it is free for iOS and Android.

Know the good neighbourhoods

Strolling, getting lost in the crowd, passing through that rickety alley, ending up on the less touristy shore of Venice, discovering an abandoned monastery and a thousand other places are a delight reserved for travellers alone or for the more curious. That is, for those who have the time and the desire to wander without haste.

Something so simple can’t be done lightly though, not every city is going to go easy on us when it comes to the skin color, the gender, the way we dress or how we wear belongings and this sensation increases outside of the city centre. To cope with it, download Livesafe Map App, an app that analyses the main cities of the world and classifies its neighbourhoods as dangerous, dangerous for women, full of thieves and many other filters, so any traveler can always get lost in a safe place. It’s available for free for iOS and Android. 

Discover the city with your headphones

As a solo traveler, you probably are soaked with information tourist offices, forums and personal recommendations. A new and interesting way of discovering the cities through the headphones comes with the Detour app, an auditive tour guide that will tell you all the aspects of the cities in which you travel, from history, customs and politics, to curiosities, tourist attractions, gastronomy and other interesting facts. This app already has hundreds of cities and the list grows continuously. It’s available for free for Android and iOS.

Now you are all set, are you ready to try this new way of traveling the world? Let us know your thoughts and we wish you the best experience!

Apps halloween 2017

Bring it up, Halloween – The ultimate app and service guide

One of the most iconic celebrations in the US that has spread all over the world is Halloween, an epic ode to death that has opened the desire for most of us to mingle with zombies and have paranormal encounters.

Imagine celebrating a dinner party between friends in a full, creepy decorated space or going to a party in an atmosphere reminiscent of an abandoned basement in Boston or in an authentic colonial house in Mississippi. Choosing the best outfit and makeup for Halloween, getting enrolled in the biggest parades across the States or popping in local parties are just one click away.

If you’re already in the ghostly Halloween wave and you want this year to be really special, get ready to triumph this Halloween night with the best applications and services that we bring you in the following list.

Mix in the crowd without losing your friends

There will be a great number of zombies that will circulate on October 31st through the streets, including your friends, who will be unrecognisable among the crowd. The best way to avoid getting lost and find them easily, despite of their costumes, is Wave Application, an app where two or more people can share their location on a private map for as long as they choose. It has a chat and the possibility to add a meeting point on the map and get directions to arrive there. This app have millions of users around the world and it is very useful especially for those who plan to join a parade or are in a big group of friends or with children. It is available for free for iOS and Android.

Choose the spookiest costume or glam it up!

Getting the perfect costume and makeup for Halloween is important to define the scene in which to immerse this night and to find some inspiration the perfect Youtube channel is held by the professional makeup artist Pink Stylist. She posts many short videos with creepy looks and the explanations to replicate them at home, plus comments from other users. Another interesting platform with options to dress up or to glam it up is the Youtube channel of Moss Macs.

For the ones who prefer to get inspired by the best influencers and stand out as Heidi Klum does in her famous Halloween party, GlamScout app has a huge database with pictures of celebrities with the description of the make up they use, in order to let users purchase it directly from the app. One of the most interesting features is the camera option, where any user can take a picture, select a look and see if that fits with their facial shape. It is free and available for iOS.

Decide what plan is the most terrifying and exciting of the year

On Halloween the world is a stage and it is only up to you to decide what kind of play you will enjoy most. One of the best apps to find any activity or party is Eventbrite, a huge directory with the best shows, parades, dinners, zombies marathons or parties both national and local. It has information about tickets, dates and prices. Other good choices are Meetup, where also brings anyone to the possibility to create an event and Feverup, a Spanish app that works in Europe and New York, whose main feature is to gossip who has signed up for every party, including influencers, to make sure no one miss the party of the year. All of them are free and available for Android and iOS.

For the ones who prefer staying at home with their family or friends, the free app Tasty has a specific channel for recipes created just for Halloween, such as ‘human’ fingers with cheese, pumpkin drinks and other yummy recipes. With those ones and a bit of decoration, any home could be the best scenario for this Halloween night.

Now you are all set! Start preparing the spookiest night of the year!

Halloween best apps and services to make up, dress up, chat, find friends, find cheap flights for halloween, eventbrite app, skyscanner app, wave application

Las mejores apps y servicios para celebrar Halloween – 2017

Una de las noches más espectaculares del otoño que se ha extendido por todo el mundo es la fiesta de Halloween, una oda épica a los muertos que ha abierto la veda a la fantasía y a las ganas de mezclarse con el mundo de la muerte, de los zombis y de los encuentros paranormales.

Imagínate celebrando una cena temática entre amigos, acudiendo a una fiesta en un ambiente que recuerda a un andén de metro abandonado o en una auténtica casa de pueblo derruida con un pasado tenebroso. Elegir el plan que más te guste y escoger un disfraz y maquillaje de miedo están a un solo clic de distancia.

Si ya estás contando los días para que llegue la gran noche, descubre todas las opciones para hacer que este año sea realmente especial con las mejores apps y servicios que te traemos a continuación.

Mézclate en la multitud sin perder a tus amigos

Se avecina una rebelión zombi, miles de personas disfrazadas llenarán las calles el próximo 31 de octubre y será muy difícil encontrarse con los amigos entre la multitud de gente disfrazada. Para encontrarse con otros fácilmente, la app Wave Application permite que dos o más personas compartan su ubicación en tiempo real en un mapa privado durante el tiempo que elijan.

Wave cuenta con un chat en el que puedes enviar imágenes y audio y con la opción de fijar un punto de encuentro en el mapa y de ver cómo llegar hasta allí. Millones de personas utilizan Wave en todo el mundo para no perder de vista a los suyos, encontrar ese nuevo restaurante o juntarse entre la multitud, algo muy útil especialmente en estas fechas tan concurridas. Está disponible gratis para iOS y para Android.

Encuentra los mejores lugares del mundo para celebrar Halloween

Aumentar la magia y el misterio de Halloween puede ser tan sencillo como cambiar de escenario y tomar un vuelo. Los más intrépidos pueden elegir pasar el fin de semana en lugares alucinantes como el laberinto de Berlín o el cementerio de Varsovia, hacer una escapada por Transilvania o incluso acudir a la mítica ciudad de Salem, cerca de Boston. Cualquier destino es posible con el meta-buscador Skyscanner, una app que compara vuelos de miles de compañías en tiempo real y los ordena por precio sin cobrar ningún tipo de comisión. Es gratuita y está disponible para iOS y Android.

Escoge el maquillaje más espectacular

El vestuario es importante para definir la escena ideal en la que vivir un Halloween memorable, para encontrar un poco de inspiración, el canal de Youtube de la maquilladora profesional Pink Stylist cuenta con varios vídeos explicativos de gran calidad con distintos looks de maquillaje y de vestuario para Halloween. Otro canal con opciones interesantes de maquillaje y vestuario para las que buscan un look más glamuroso y fantástico es el canal de Youtube de Macs Moser.

Para aquellos que prefieren inspirarse con los influencers del momento y despuntar como hace Heidi Klum en su famosa fiesta de Halloween, la app GlamScout proporciona un amplio directorio de looks de famosas en las que se identifica la marca y modelo de cada maquillaje. Una de sus mejores características es que aplica ese maquillaje de forma virtual sobre las fotografías de los usuarios, para ver cómo queda el look antes de comprarlo. Está disponible de forma gratuita para iOS.

Elige tu plan de película

En Halloween el mundo se convierte en una película de terror animada. Una de las mejores apps para decidir a qué actividad o fiesta acudir es Eventbrite, un directorio con los mejores desfiles, concursos de zombis, fiestas y todo tipo de planes, ordenados por precio y por ubicación.

Otras apps muy recomendables de eventos son Meetup, que además permite a cualquiera crear los suyos propios, o Feverup, una app española que funciona en nuestro país, en Londres y en Nueva York, en la que su característica más destacada es que se puede cotillear quién va a acudir a cada evento, incluidos los influencers. Todas estas apps son gratuitas y están disponibles para iOS y para Android.

Para aquellos que prefieren celebrar en casa su propia fiesta temática con sus amigos o familiares, la aplicación de recetas Tasty cuenta con un canal dedicado a Halloween con recetas de dedos ‘humanos’ con queso, bebidas de calabaza y otras propuestas igual de terroríficas. Con una cena tan tétrica y un poco de decoración, cualquier casa puede convertirse en el escenario perfecto para la noche de Halloween. Es gratuita y está disponible para iOS.

Ahora que estás preparado para pasar la noche más escalofriante del año, ¿Cuál será tu opción preferida?

Top destinations in the world to travel in autumn

Going on holidays in autumn is a perfect way to live authentic changing landscapes around the globe, while enjoying a mild and warm weather and low prices. This season is almost free of festivities, despite of Thanksgiving, and traveling could be a good choice to take the most out of the season.

At this time going out with a bicycle, hiking or just enjoying a vibrant local culture is such a good experience, framed in red and yellow leaves everywhere. Whether it is a flowery festival in Japan, an adventure trip around Australia or a lifetime festival in New Orleans, we have it covered. Autumn is the perfect time to take the backpack, boots, camera and go out exploring the world. Do not worry about the destination, we have selected the best places in each continent to visit this fall and live a dream vacation.


Buthan is an African country with forests that occupy a 60% of its land. That offers many possibilities for nature lovers who want to trek on authentically natural terrain, go climbing, cycling or stargazing as they could not do in any part of the urbanized world is a perfect destination for this fall.

It has recently been highlighted by National Geographic as one of their favorite autumn destinations, when it celebrates two international festivals in which to taste all African traditions. Thimphu Tshechu takes place over the first week of October with traditional dances, local music, invited artists and masked balls. Black-Necked Crane Festival takes place on November 11 due to the migration and arrival of the Black-necked Crane and it is a unique experience to see the wild fauna while traveling in autumn.


The arrival of autumn is lived with different intensity in different parts of the world, however there are places where the love for plants and flowers is almost sacred as it happens in Japan. One of the most idyllic places to enjoy the colorful nature is the temple of Toshogu, surrounded by a natural park. Another worthy destination is the Hitachi Seaside Park, a natural park in which blue nemophilas are surrounded by fiery crimson bassia bushes. All of them makes up a real chromatic spectacle for the eyes

If you are lucky enough to go, besides making a photo worthy of the best ‘instagrammer’, you will find yourself in a wild and natural landscape in which to relax, do group sports and enjoy a hot tea in one of the villages with an ancient and particular culture.


Maybe when we talk about Europe almost nobody would look at Iceland. However, autumn is the best time of year to visit this authentic natural environment near the North Pole, as the Northern Lights begin, when the sky dyes green as a result of the reflection of light. It is the time when the days are lengthened and still not too cold, bearing in mind that temperatures are above 0 degrees celsius.

The wide variety of Icelandic landscapes, from volcanoes and glaciers to green forests, make it an ideal destination for nature lovers who can do water sports, go hiking, go whale watching, visit the waterfalls of Snaefellsnes or take a thermal bath in Bláa Lónið.

South America

Colombia is one emerging country that offers tourists the most every year. Far from being a stage of war, the tranquility in which the country live nowadays, along with its temperate climate, rich culture and a tasty cuisine make it one of the ‘must’ destinations to visit on vacation. Autumn is an unique month to visit the country, due to the absence of agglomerations, a calm and dry climate and the magnificent marine fauna that reaches the island of Providence, where it is the third largest barrier reef in the world. In addition to scuba diving and snorkeling, you can go hiking or biking in the Guatapé natural park, enjoy the beaches of Cartagena de Indias or the nightlife of Bogota, the vast capital with 7 million inhabitants in which you will be able to taste all the delights of the country.

North America

Taking a walk through the deep south of North America is a unique experience for anyone from outside, but visiting New Orleans in Fall ensures you to live one of the greatest cultural shows in the world. Historically, it has hosted walkers from all over the world adapting and mixing their celebrations, which results today in some of the most iconic festivals of the world.

There is the Burlesque festival in September, the international music festival of Voodoo Music Experience in October, that counts this year with stars such as The Killers, Foo Fighters or Galantis, from 27 to 29 October, and the the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival culinary show in November. This last one is a week of celebrations around Po-Boy’s sandwich, accompanied by activities for all audiences, musical concerts and a real party in the streets. If you are passionate about sport, in New Orleans you can go hiking, cycling, canoeing and kayaking in one of the natural sites that surround the city.


In this part of the world the months of September to December live a blossoming spring and delight the landscapes covered with flowers over the sunny days. In Australia everyone can enjoy any type of adventure sport, excursion and walks at dusk. One of the most famous flower festivals in the world is the Canberra Floriade, which takes place throughout October, with a very unique chromatic landscape, accompanied by culinary festivals and music concerts to suit aIny taste.

Adventure sports are an awesome experience in this wild country, from scuba diving or snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, to surfing in Palm Beach, hiking, biking and camping at Emu Creek Retreat or climbing in Tasmania. An adventure for the most daring.

Wave Application app to share the location find friends

What will be your favorite trip for this special season? Be an expert traveler and download Wave Application before you go, a free app where two or more people can share their LIVE location on a private map and find each other even in crowded places, a suitable tool for anyone traveling abroad.

The best 5 apps to take the most out of Oktoberfest

The farewell to the summer holidays tastes better with a beer in the sun or just with a good excuse to eat, relax and enjoy with your friends and no occasion is better to do this than the Oktoberfest, the German beer festival held originally in Munich and celebrated as well in other parts of the world. To survive such an excitement, especially for those who can not say that they are too young, we have shortlisted the best 5 apps to take the most of this event worldwide.

If you want to know more about the History of Oktoberfest, we will tell you that it has a romantic origin. About 200 years ago the king of then the region of Bavaria Ludwig I, married Theresa of Saxony and celebrated the wedding with the inhabitants hosting a race of horses and offering food and beer in the prairie named as his beloved, Theresenwiese, that means ‘the prairie of Theresa’.

The great joy with which the inhabitants of the kingdom celebrated the event set a precedent that has been replicated since then in September instead of October anymore, with some exceptions by wars or epidemics, to take advantage of the last rays of sun of summer.

The festival is still held in the same enclave, a vast meadow surrounded by nature in the heart of Munich, and homes to more than 7 million people each year. If it rains or it is cold, you might wonder, then enjoy it with a beer in your hands, or so organizers claim!

In addition to the meat, the ribs, the German beer Hofbräu-Festhalle and the Bavarian music, the regional costumes have given a whole color to the party to make you feel again in 1800. Sounds interesting, right? Whether in Munich or in another region of the world, check out the following apps to your trip to the Oktoberfest!

Find your friends

Wave Application app to share the location find friends

7 million people are almost the population of Switzerland and the one expected to attend to Oktoberfest in Munich this year. Imagine how many people will attend the event while you are there. Amazing, right? To avoid getting lost and losing your friends, open a group with them on Wave application, a free app for iOS and Android in which you can share your location with them on a map in real time and privately. When needed, take a look at the map and see how to reach the others, chat and set a meeting point wherever you want.

Millions of users around the world already use Wave to find their friends anywhere in the world without making tedious calls and questions from wherever you are. Join the trend of private geolocation. Download it for free for iOS and Android.

Pick the best beer

App to save beers and discover new ones

Some of us are not experts in beer or prefer to drink only the famous Hofbräu-Festhalle Bavarian beer, however anyone can try different types of beer in each room, and as they are reputed to be among the best in the world. With the Untappd app users will discover the properties and flavors of each type, the origin, color and popularity that it has among their community of users. You will end up being a beer expert! It is free for iOS and Android.

Be aware of where you have around 

Wiesn Protect app dor Oktoberfest

One of the best apps for the event is Wiesn Protect, an app that informs of emergency numbers in the area, locates the users on a map regarding security points but also tells people on the map where are the food and music tents, the points of information and all those places useful for anyone going to the Oktoberfest. It is exclusive for those who are going to celebrate it in Munich and has some interesting features like its translator and its list with helpful sentences in German and Bavarian. It is free for Android.

Pay a round and get invited without losing your mind

Paying a beer at the Oktoberfest follows an unwritten rule, each friend pays a round of beers to their friends, especially those who are locals. To deal with this habit,  download Venmo, an app in which to add to your fellow travelers and pay them directly from the app. It will make the accounts accurate and you can keep track of when to pay or get invited. Get it for free for Android and iOS.

Discover all the events of each day

The events that happen each year are varied, apart from drinking beer is clear. This year’s dates are from the 16th of September to the 3rd of October, and there attendants will see parades, music bands, concerts, activities for children and great surprises. You can discover them all with the EventBrite event app, very useful both for those who go to Munich and want to enjoy the full pack of activities, but also for those who celebrate in other parts of the world and want to know the best places to enjoy the German party. Get it for free for iOS and Android.